The Dance

The dance-lawyer

Sander Petit has become a household name in the dance music industry. He is an Amsterdam based entertainment lawyer. As the Founder of Petit Legal and he is also known as The Dance Lawyer [De Dance-advocaat].

Sander is a registered attorney-at-law at the Netherlands Bar [Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten].


Sander is specialized in intellectual property and contracts for the media, arts and entertainment sector. Think about: copyright, neighbouring rights, trade names and trade marks, media right and contract law. He has a strong focus on the international music industry.

Lawyer 2.0

The Dance Lawyer started as a reaction to the Old School Situation. Yes: a lack of accessible knowlegde about the legal aspects of the creative industry. In addition: expensive and slow lawyers providing legal advice in their own secret language. This is usually in hideously drafted and choatic documents. They even made you pay for explaining their dready letters. Sander felt that the creative industry wasn’t helped by this and it made all lawyers look bad. Something needed to change. That’s just what he did by starting his own company.


It became Sanders’s mission to help the creative industry become more professional. Professionality creates income and income creates freedom. Freedom on its turn provides space for creativity. If creativity can thrive, his clients can keep doing what they love most above all: creating cool stuff.


Sander makes a difference in legal advice by following his values:

  1. Clear agreements
  2. Understandable advice
  3. Transparant and fair pricing
  4. Passion and feeling for the creative industry


Sander is keen to help out by providing legal advice and services, scanning and drafting contracts or negotiating about the relevant legal and business aspects of the creative industry.

Sander has written a monthly column in DJ Mag NL and speaks regularly at conferences like Dancefair, No Man’s Land and the Amsterdam Dance Event. He’s also a guest lecturer at music colleges like Herman Brood Academie, Breda University of Applied Science, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Codarts and the SAE Institute. On special request, Sander has provided many tailored lectures, workshops and masterclasses for organisations like Beatport, CreativeMornings and for his peers at Jonge Balie Amsterdam.


Sander has worked for several DJ Mag Top 100 dj’s and amongst his (former) clients are producers, rappers, beat makers, singer-songwriters, management and booking agencies, event organizers, promotors, record labels and music publishers, photographers, websites and even a really cool Insta-poet.


Besides his work as a lawyer and entrepreneur, Sander is also a dj and has played at clubs and festivals around the globe. Furthermore, he used to have his own clothing label back in the days. By speaking the same language, he can help out more easily and in a fast and understandable way.

2020 IAE Media & Arts Law Award Winner

Sander’s company Petit Legal has been elected by the International Advisory Experts group as the 2020 Media & Arts Law Award Winner in The Netherlands.

International Advisory Experts (IAE) is a worldwide alliance of legal, financial and consulting firms. Each year, the IAE group pays tribute to firms who have been successful over the past 12 months and have received exceptional praise from their peers. All nominations and selections are made through the group of 10,970 members. The IAE group currently has experts from over 140 jurisdictions.


If you have any questions, feel free to click here for more information and details or shoot Sander a message by e-mail or on his socials.