Interview with Alex Larichev from EDM Ghost Production

I would like to introduce to you one of my strategic partners from the ghost production business: Alex Larichev. Alex and I know eachother from numerous music events like Amsterdam Dance Event and the Association For Electronic Music.

Who is Alex Larichev and what does he do in the music business?

I have a background as a trance/psy/edm producer. But, now I’m an entrepreneur and I’m building the EDM Ghost Production brand. I’m focused on giving the ability to producers around the world make money by making music.

There is a huge problem in this niche, so many musicians don’t know how to monetize their skills and they give up producing if they don’t succeed as artist. I wouldn’t want to let that happen. There is a lot more to do rather then becoming the next Martin Garrix.

How are you connected with The Dance Lawyer?

I was doing mailout campaign during ADE and Sander got back to my email. Since that day we’ve established strong business providing legal consultations and paperwork to our clients. Some of them are seeking for advice, some are in the need of contract research. Sander is very helpful and he is guiding them through very important legal aspects of their careers.

Where does your passion for dance music come from?

Money. Only money. Joke! I’m in love with making sounds, combining them together and learning new mixing techniques. I’ve started after listening to Prodigy in my childhood and from then I can’t stop doing music!

What’s EDM Ghost Production’s added value to the scene?

I’m focused on giving the ability to producers around the world make money by making music. I enable them to sell their tracks to other DJs and earn money. They reinvest that money to the scene, by buying equipment, software, hardware and services.

What project are you most proud of?

I was working on various projects,,, but I’m the most proud of the success on We are doing very well! Even launching sample pack company in late 2020.

Any words of advice for readers of this interview?

Since you are reading this on lawyer’s website, take care of your legal work before you sign anything with anyone. This might really affect your career and you’ll experience a loss which you’ll regret.

What’s your vision of the future of the dance music industry?

It’s hard to predict, but I’d say we will have new technology that will lead the sounds we never heard before. And that will lead to new type of visual and performance experience.

More information about EDM Ghost Production?

If you want to know more about Alex Larichev and EDM Ghost Production, check out the website, Facebook and YouTube channel.

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